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Solo Repertoire for all SCPFA auditions, festival and scholarship require the following:

  1. Early-Elementary Division (Grades K-2): Play two pieces in contrasting styles for memory from two of the following periods: Baroque, Classical (including Beethoven), Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary.

  2. Elementary (Grades 3-5), Junior (Grades 6-8), and Senior ( Grades 9-12): Play three pieces for memory from three of the following five style periods: Baroque, Classical (including all Beethoven), Romantic, Impressionistic and Contemporary.

  3. Classify all repertoire of modern composers, including selections whose salient features are representative of earlier styles, as Contemporary.

  4. Select all festival repertoire from literature originally written for piano.

  5. No simplified arrangements of symphonic works, other instrumental works, nor vocal transcriptions of any genre (folk, sacred, pop, opera, ballet, musical theater, etc.) will be allowed.

  6. No pre-reading (non-staff) repertoire will be allowed.

  7. No cuts in standard repertoire are allowed. Example: Für Elise must be offered in its entire rondo form, not just the A section.

  8. Present their music with measures numbered to the judges prior to playing.

  9. Photo copies are not accepted.

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